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National Ilan University, which celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2006, is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Taiwan. Founded on May 12, 1926, Taiwan Provincial Ilan School of Agriculture and Forestry was a five-year school providing two areas of study: agronomy and forestry. Since its inception, the school has undergone a number of changes due to changes in social and political environments. More recently, after years of preparation and repeated calls by school administration, the local government and its people, the school has evolved from a five-year junior college (National Ilan Institute of Agriculture and Technology) to a polytechnic college (National Ilan Institute of Technology), and now a comprehensive university (since 2003) offering BA, BS, MA and MS degrees in four schools. Dr. Han-Chieh Chao has been NIU's 3rd president since 2010.


Mission Statement

In the spirit of the university motto of studying diligently, practicing with earnestness, respect for professionalism and being gregarious, National Ilan University strives to nurture and develop students' potential in research and academics, raise students' appreciation of culture, serve the society, and contribute to national development. It is the highest institute of education in the Yilan area. Established in 1926, NIU prides itself on a long history of quality faculty, state-of-the-art equipment and excellence in education. Formerly a vocational school, the university has had a tradition of emphasizing hands-on training and having good relationship between its faculty and the students. Evolving the axis of discipline diversity, pioneering-ship, discipline integration and having a broadening perspective, short-, mid- and long-term plans have been developed to sculpture NIU to become a first-class international comprehensive university to take up the important task of educating the people.

In concise terms, NIU goals in teaching and research are as follows:

  1. Teaching
    • To develop distinctive university teaching features and nurture students with creativity and integrity.
    • To promote excellence in education, digitize teaching and learning and establish an e-learning environment so as to effectively enhance learning results.
    • In coping with current trends in the society, to reinforce curriculum design, enrich course materials and raise the quality of teaching so as to ensure students' core capabilities.
    • To provide diversified learning environments to broaden students' background in general education and to balance training in science and humanities.
    • To strengthen students' foreign language competence so as to increase their global competitiveness.
  2. Research
    • To replenish library collections and laboratory equipment so as to enhance faculty research.
    • To integrate and consolidate research resources and target and strengthen one or two research areas that they may stand out and become first-class in the near future.
    • Incorporating characteristics and strength of the local community and industries into department planning so as to raise its overall competitiveness.
    • To continue upgrading research equipment and improve the research environment to facilitate excellence in research and raise university research standards.



NIU comprises College of Humanities and Management, College of Engineering, College of Bioresources, and College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, admitting students to 14 academic departments and 16 graduate institutes leading to master degrees. Aiming at meeting the needs of national development, social progress, industrial prosperity, and economic growth, NIU educates students in high technology and management. Currently it has an undergraduate/graduate enrollment of over 4,600/390, a teaching staff of about 240, and over 40,000 alumni. It is the highest educational institution in northeastern Taiwan. The main campus is located in Yilan City, about 45 minutes ride from Taipei. In addition to an experimental forest in the suburb, NIU has acquired a 27.8-hectare site at near by Wujie for the construction of its second campus. Acquisition of the third campus site is currently in progress.

In addition to the main administrative units under the Presidents office, the Faculty Review Board and the School General Affairs Council are the highest committees, presiding over major decisions on faculty promotion and school affairs.

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